This is a drug that Shirley Wilson warned Sue Walker about while she was there as a PDS Community Care Officer teaching Sue and Steve Walker how to administer the medication for their son Kieren. She didn't go into specifics as to what it was or what it would do, but she gave Sue a taser to use against Kieren if he started acting strangely.

The drug is advertised on the Undead Liberation Army secret website.

Series 2Edit

Episode 1Edit

Blue Oblivion is seen to be used in a terrorist attack on a tram. The substance was then taken by PDS sufferers posing onboard as normal humans before revealing themselves to the passengers. Upon doing so, the substance seemed to instantly revert them back to their more violent nature as unmedicated 'rotters' to attack the passengers.

Episode 2Edit

Rob, a PDS sufferer attending Roarton Valley High School uses Blue Oblivion intending to scare the school. After a short while, he reverts back, showing that the effects of Blue Oblivion aren't permanent to PDS sufferers.

Episode 6Edit

Gary forcefully administers Blue Oblivion on Kieren in the act of setting him up as a ULA member.


  • Comes in the form of a blue pill
  • Can be administered through the nose or the hole on PDS sufferers' backs that they usually use for neurotriptyline.

Effects Edit

  • Reverts PDS sufferers to their predatory state for a short while.
  • Kieren has been the only one to be able to resist the effects enough to not hurt anyone.