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Gary Kendal


Physical Description

Living Garbage (Human)



Hair Colour

Dark brown

Other Information

Roarton Protection service worker


Human Volunteer Force (before disbandment)

Series Information

Kevin Sutton

First Appearance

Series One Episode One

Gary was a member of the Human Volunteer Force in Roarton. He was recruited by Vicar Oddie.[1]

After the events of Series One , Gary is shown to be very bitter after the disbanding of the HVF.

Relationships Edit

Jem WalkerEdit

Gary is shown to have a good relationship with Jem as the two once worked in the HVF together, earning his trust and reliance on her as she once saved his life.

Being loyal to Jem he helped cover up the murder of Henry Lonsdale after Jem shot him.

Later, it is shown he is attracted to Jem as the two share a kiss begin dating as the two become closer after the two cover up Henry Lonsdale's death. However after forcing Kieren to go rabid, Jem dumped him.

They got to know each other when Jem was 15-18 during the rising. Just like, remember that. He's Easily in his 20s.

Vicky Edit

In Season one he is said to be dating a girl named Vicky, but Dominic Mitchell confirmed that she left Gary between Season one and two and that she is still alive.