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Danny Martin (Younger brother)

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Wunmi Mosaku

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Series Two Episode One

Maxine Martin is the newly-elected MP for the parliamentary constituency of Roarton Valley. She is a member of Victus, a anti-PDS sufferer, "pro-living" political party.[1] It is spoken by one of the members of the town that she gets "committed" for killing Amy Dyer due to her believing she is the first risen. Maxine uses the scissors given to her by a lady to cut the ribbon at the newly built fence in order to stab Amy, who then dies at the clinic later on.

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Episode 1Edit

Upon entering Roarton, Maxine is keen to involve herself with the village as she first visits to see one of Vicar Oddie's speeches. However few attend these speeches she questions this, clearly wanting to involve the village more in anti-PDS activities.

Receiving an office she requests to see the parish records, unknown as to the reason why she wants them.

She then stays at a B&B where the owner, Sandra has a mother in law who is a PDS sufferer. She gives her support to Maxine while inviting her to watch TV before leaving. Downstairs, Maxine joins the Sandra and her husband to watch television, discomforted by the presence of the PDS mother in law. When Sandra leaves Maxine opens her suitcase, taking a toy train out.

While Sandra goes outside looking for her cat, she is attacked by a unknown male PDS sufferer who in untreated. Attempting to kill her, Maxine is able to save Sandra after killing the Untreated PDS sufferer with a drill to the head.

Later, Maxine meets up with Vicar Oddie who has found the parish records she had requested, claiming to know why she is in Roarton Maxine denies the claim as Vicar Oddie mentions the Second Rising . Promptly having a heart attack, Maxine rushes inside to call for help, but stops as she sees the parish records on a desk. Hesitating, she quickly picks up the records and leaves without stopping to call for help.

Returning to the B&B, Maxine adds Kieren's picture to a wall where other pictures of PDS suffers of Roarton have been put too.

Episode 2 Edit

Maxine tells Philip to gather the PDS sufferers of Roarton for a meeting which later was for introducing the PDS Give Back Scheme, a compulsory scheme set up to make PDS sufferers participate in community service for the damage done during the Rising.

Kieren being one of many needing to sign up tells Maxine he's leaving, however Maxine objects and tells Kieren that he needs to complete the 6 months of the scheme before reapplying for the passport. Before leaving she asks him what time he rose in the Rising, to which he replies he doesn't know. As he leaves Maxine marks Kieren's file out.

As Maxine goes to the B&B she then seems to confirm something as she circle's Kieren's picture in red.

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