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Partially-Deceased Syndrome (PDS), is a condition that the formerly deceased suffer from who came back to life during The Rising. At first they were rabid and killed any humans they came across, but once receiving treatment they were allowed to re-enter society.[1]

By law, a family with PDS sufferer in their midst must own a Taser in order to subdue their relative in the case that they have reverted to their untreated state.

Note: characters who are marked as PDS Sufferers with their status as 'deceased' are properly dead / killed, 'Alive' is to avoid confusion of marking a character as completely dead.


Treatment of PDS sufferers include a daily injection of Neurotriptyline, which is administered from the back via syringe. It is inserted through a hole between the first and second vertebrae, near the nape of the neck. Blue Oblivion can also be administered through this hole, as made evident in the finale of season two when Gary Kendal forced Kieren Walker to take the drug in the manner.

PDS sufferers are shown to not being able to eat any kind of food or drink for if they do, as shown by Rick Macy on the occasion that he drank some alcohol, they throw up a black liquid. The black liquid is also indicative of the state of the rest of their bodies. In the fifth episode of season two, during the creation and subsequent refinement of Neurotriptyline, the audience is shown Simon Monroe with his back cut open along his spine, revealing black and decayed flesh.

Their condition also includes a complete lack of feeling. Amy Dyer, when pinching her own cheek, lamented that she could not feel it -- nor was she cold from the freezing temperatures outside. Later, she also exclaimed with excitement that she could feel the rain upon her face, implying that she previously could not even feel that much.

Their hearts do not beat whatsoever, and those with PDS are clinically considered to be completely dead and nothing more than a reanimated corpse.

Their condition seems to be accelerated byBlue Oblivion which appears to revert any treatment they have received, turning back to the predatory state to attack humans once again. Kieren Walker is the only PDS sufferer known to have been able to resist its effects.


The treatment provided was developed by Victor Halperin and John Weston .

  • Neurotriptyline administered in a injection at the back
  • Repeating the following or a variation of to self - "I am a partially deceased syndrome sufferer and that is not my fault"

Quotes About PDS

John Weston: "For all intents and purposes, they are reanimated corpses. And if they miss a dose of the drug, they revert back to their rabid state. They're not cured. "
Victor Halperin: "We can't cure what they have."
Giles Weir: "And what do they have, Doctor?"
Victor Halperin: "They have a very unique set of symptoms. At a push, you could call it a syndrome. But honestly, that only scratches the surface. They're not of this world, but partially they are. In a lot of ways, they're a superior species."
Giles Weir: "You're saying they're sort of... partially-dead?"
Victor Halperin: "I wouldn't use the word dead."
Giles Weir: "Well, deceased, then. They're partially-diseased. Oh, I like the sound of that, don't you? Sounds... manageable. "
— Discussion of PDS Sufferers[src]
"Don't feel anything. Don't feel the cold. [pinches Philip Wilson's cheek] You feel that? [pinches her own cheek] Can't feel a bloody thing."
―Amy Dyer[src]

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