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Pearl Pinder
Pearl p
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Roarton Legion
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Gillian Waugh

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Series One Episode One

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Series Two Episode Six

Pearl Pinder is a citizen of Roarton and tends bar at the Roarton Legion.[1] She is also a member of the Parish Council.

Series 1Edit

Series 2Edit

Episode 1 Pearl is shown to have employed Kieren at her bar at some point in the 9 months after series 1, she is shown to try to persuade Kieren to stay in Roarton instead of leaving for Paris, even willing to offer him the keys to the place. Edit

Her other customers in the bar include Gary, who she takes a gun away revealing a weapon ban has been put in place.

Later on however, as Simon and Amy enter the bar a fight breaks out with Gary, leaving Kieren to defend them as Pearl pulls out a gun telling everyone to leave. Kieren then gives her back the keys before leaving.

Episode 2 Edit

Pearl is seen at a Parish Council meeting, discussing that the village need protection they discuss the need to fix a fence in the village.

Episode 5Edit

After Kieren is arrested he is brought to the council where Pearl accuses and tries to get Kieren to confess to the Roarton Medical Centre break in, which by Zoe and Brian had released two rabids leading to the attack on Denise . Deeming Kieren a threat to the community Kieren denies her accusations where she threatens him with sending him back to Norfolk Treatment Centre .