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Shirley Wilson
Shirley wilson
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Philip Wilson

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Community Care Officer


Norfolk Treatment Centre

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Sandra Huggett

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Series One Episode One

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Series Two

Shirley Wilson is the mother of Philip Wilson, and is PDS Community Care Officer that helps teach families that have PDS Sufferers how to cope and how to administer the medicine that they need to be injected with daily.[1] She took the job in secret from her son, Philip, because he was on the Parish Council.

She currently still works at the Roarton Medical Centre alongside her co-workers Tom Russo and Denise.

Series 2Edit

Episode 3 Shirley is seen to comfort Sylvia Lonsdale after the disappearance of her son Henry, she urges Philip to bring his disappearance up in the Parish Council meeting.

Episode 4Edit

Amy visits Shirley as she becomes increasingly worried that she will become rabid, to which the only thing she can do is give Amy a stronger dose of Neurotriptyline.

While out, Shirley is to her confusion approached by Abigail Lamb complimenting her on Philip's upbringing. This is due to her being convinced by Philip his visits to the PDS Brothel were to turn the girls away from sin. 

Episode 6Edit

While attending the Roarton Winter Fete Shirley discovers Philip and Amy's relationship, as well as noticing Amy eat a toffee apple to her surprise. After appraching the two about this Amy feigns forgetfullness and needing to got outside, as the two leave she tells Philip he's done good.

Later Shirley is one of many who attend Amy's funeral.


Philip WilsonEdit

Having taken the job as PDS Community Care Officer she can be a bit wary of her son, being on the Parish Council she diapproves of the way they treat PDS sufferers.

However she does care for Philip, wishing him to move on and meet someone she even made a dating profile without him knowing which caused him to storm out.

Tom RussoEdit

She hints to Kieren that shes attracted to him, though so far it isn't known whether Tom shares these feelings.