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Steve Walker
Steve Walker


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Sue Walker


Kieren Walker (son)
Jemima Walker (daughter)




Engineer, (previously: chemist)

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Steve Cooper[1]

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Series One Episode One

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Series Two Episode Six

Steve Walker is the Husband of Sue Walker and the father of Kieren and Jemima. He works as an Engineer at the local railway station.

Series 2Edit

Episode 5 Edit

After already becoming uncomfortable with Kieren the intrusion of Dean to arrest Kieren comes across towards a indifferent attitude to this as he doesn't try to stop it, instead stands back to the dismay of Sue.

Episode 6Edit

After taking the measure of locking Kieren up for his 'wellbeing' even though he is under house arrest already, Steve has established his full support of sending Kieren back to Norfolk for further treatment. 

Later when Kieren has forcefully had Blue Oblivion administers by Gary he approaches the rabid Kieren at the graveyard, attempting to get through to Kieren who is fighting the effects desperatley. 


He is not very outspoken, but cares a lot for his family.

In 2009 when Kieren left without a word, Steve went out and tracked him to a cave in the woods. Initially believing Kieren to be alright, it wasn't until he got closer he realised that his only son had committed suicide. As he attempts to explain [S1 E3], upon discovering the body Steve had carried Kieren, but broke down before he could finish his story clearly evidencing his repressed trauma. This event emotionally scarred Steve and had a significal impact on his state of mind causing him to become much more quiet and insular. It is also implied this put a huge strain on his family life and marriage to Sue who mentioned he had been an open and funny person in his youth.   


Kieren Walker

By Series 2 Steve and Kieren have mended and become closer, however across the series of having increased scares of PDS Sufferer attacks and ULA activity this has shown to effect Steve as he becomes more uncomfortable with Kieren. His distrust of Kieren becomes particularly apparent as he is willing to both let his son get arrested and be sent back to Norfolk for treatment.

However the two presumably make amends as he clearly still cares and believes in Kieren as he approaches Kieren in a rabid state convinced he wouldn't hurt him.