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Sue Walker
Sue walker
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Steve Walker


Kieren Walker (son)
Jemima Walker (daughter)



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Marie Critchley[1]

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Series One Episode One

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Series Two Episode Six

Sue Walker is the wife of Steve Walker and the mother of Kieren and Jemima.[2]

Series 1Edit

Episode 3Edit

After Rick Macey was killed by Bill Macey, Sue follows Kieren to the cave where he committed suicide in 2009. Despite her denial and timid behavior toward Kieren's current state that was apparent throughout Series 1, she reassures Kieren that she still loves him despite his condition. When Kieren asks if she still wants him to stay when he is what he is, she responds by saying "I'd love you with all my heart if you came back as a goldfish." During this scene, she also reveals that she had once decided to kill herself as well due to a failed relationship, but her suicide was prevented by Steve Walker when he refused to sell her over-the-counter drugs at the pharmacy he worked at. They were later married and had children, Jemima and Kieren Walker. She was the one to retrieve Kieren after Rick was killed by his father, bringing him home to a worried Steve and Jem.

Series 2Edit

Episode 6Edit

After forming doubts like Steve as to Kierens state she comes to accept the proposal of sending Kieren back to Norfolk for more treatment.

Like many other residents Sue witnesses Maxines breakdown at the Fete where she announces all PDS Sufferers risen from Roarton must be killed.

This spurs her regret in the decision to send Kieren to Norfolk as she goes back home to try and stop this.