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The Rising
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December 20th 2009


The Dead

The Rising is an event that occurred in 2009 when the dead became reanimated.[1] It was estimated that there were over 140,000 reanimated dead to deal with when the event occurred. Because of this the countries primary focus was first on the bigger cities, giving little to no help to the smaller communities such as Roarton, which led to the Human Volunteer Force being founded.


  • Amy Dyer is the first risen[2]. She hunted along with Kieren
  • Sandra and Clive Furness watched the rising happen, Sandra was later able to identify the first risen to Maxine Martin
  • Simon Monroe killed his mother when he first rose

Second Rising Edit

As predicted in the book of Revelations, Vicar Oddie is convinced that this won't be the only rising to happen.