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The Undead Liberation Army is a group led by the Undead Prophet, in addition the Prophet also has twelve disciples who follow him. Their aim is to bring a Second Rising so that the living will be wiped out, the Prophet also believes that this can happen by something that lies in Roarton.

The drug Blue Oblivion has also been linked to this group. Amy Dyer left Roarton to look for the prophet and this group.

Their main opposition is Victus.

Activities Edit

  • Supply Blue Oblivion to PDS sufferers
  • Suspected and highly likely organizing attacks on the living, such as the tram attack that killed Ken Burton
  • Sent Simon and Amy on a mission to Roarton, aiming to find the first risen

Members Edit


The website for this group is and the password is Revelations_1.18, this is where Rob, a student at Roarton Valley High School, managed to obtain a bottle of Blue Oblivion. Maxine Martin later received the passwords from him.

The prophet password